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Who is Abby?

Abby is an avatar that uses artificial intelligence, natural language, and speech recognition to engage customers. Abby can be used across multiple channels and mobile devices. Simply put, Abby listens and responds to your customers. Specifically, Abby coaches, educates, monitors, and reminds.

GetAbby is based on patented technology and has been successfully deployed by major companies across multiple industries.

The Abby Difference

The Abby difference is profound. Unlike most search engines, Abby actually understands! Search engines use keywords to give answers, while Abby's context engine goes far beyond pattern matching.

How Is Abby Effective?

Abby can communicate across all mediums from chat and text to mobile and web. Also, Abby keeps track of all conversations and builds databases to store all information captured. This information can be integrated into your current analytics platform.